Al-Ibdaa International School for Girls was established on 1414 AH, and the expansion was completed, praise be to God, by moving to the new building on 1424 AH. The school building was built according to the best health and educational standards, on an area of ​​7000 square meters in Al-Basateen neighborhood, Al Salam Street (west of the Royal Hall) in Jeddah. The school consists of two buildings. They are designed with natural and healthy ventilation and solarization conditions. They are fully air-conditioned and equipped with security and safety systems (fire alarm system, camera monitoring system, automatic call system, and emergency exits). The entire building and utilities are equipped with high-speed internet. There are main gates for attendance and departure distributed on the outskirts of the building.

Welcome Speech

Since its establishment, Al-Ibdaa schools have made great strides in their blessed path, which was surrounded by effort, diligence and sacrifices, to become a high edifice that keeps pace with the finest modern pedagogical methods and matches the most important edifices and educational institutions in the Kingdom.

Since its inception, it has taken care of its buds from childhood until high school, preparing the students to face life and providing them with the weapons of religion, faith, science and morals. It builds them up, not only through proper education and proper guidance, but also through systematic and extracurricular activities that contribute to building students’ personalities and qualify them to be effective human beings and of the builders and leaders of society.

We greatly appreciate your trust in Al-Ibdaa institution and generations, and since you consider this edifice as a safe, nourishing environment for your family, we invite you to share with us the process of education through your effective communication and continuous support to achieve our goals.

Welcome to our world and to your family, we hope to continue with you and with you to open broad horizons for our sons and daughters, realize their hopes, aspirations and dreams.

Founder of Ibdaa Schools,

Mrs. Rajaa Kallajo





We are excited to share with you what our school offers and look forward to meet your family. You can contact the
admissions team in the following ways to discuss any questions you have about the admissions process:

M: (+966) 505584150
E: info@ibdaa.edu.sa

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