Al-Ibdaa school has a national section for boys aged 3-8 and girls aged 3-18.
  • Kindergarten stage: Kg1 – Kg3
  • Primary stage: Lower Grades 1-2 and Upper Grades 3-6
  • Intermediate stage: Grades 7-9
  • Secondary stage: Grades 10-12

All levels are distinguished and have the following:

  • Students engage in a daily recitation of the Holy Quran.
  • Adopting the curricula of the Ministry of Education and supporting it with enrichment worksheets in most academic subjects.
  • We provide students a balanced American curriculum covering all subjects In the English language: Grammar, Spelling, Literature, and Writing.
  • We aim to create confident, responsible, innovative, and engaged students.
  • We provide advanced computer curriculum.
  • Al-Ibdaa provides students training on the following: GTA, SAAT, TOEFL, and ILETS.

High School programs

It consists of a joint program divided into two tracks, one for the humanities and the other for the natural sciences. The total required graduation hours are 200 hours, (the joint program + the specialized program + the optional program).

Creativity is Development & Growth...
Distinction & Construction

High school program

The courses are divided into 3 semesters over a period of 3 years.

Some Advantage of the high school programs

  • The possibility of equating some academic courses with international tests, certificates and global achievements in the Holy Quran, English language, and computer.
  • Developing students’ skills and abilities through research and project.
  • Production of quality work which reflects creativity, excellence, perseverance and the use of technology.

Academic Advising

Academic guidance and counseling is a right of students to help them in choosing course or courses that suit them in order to achieve this, the school assigns an academic advisor who is knowledgeable and has excellent communication skills.