In Health & Safety


The school is a four floors buildings, fully equipped with surveillance cameras monitored by public administration and a responsible employee.


Periodic inspection: all buildings, squares and facilities are inspected on a daily bases and after the end of official working hours to ensure complete safety.
Periodic maintenance: all entrances, exits, equipment, machines and devices are maintained regularly to guarantee full security.


The school contains three main gates divided to the stage. All gates are guarded and kept completely closed during working hours, except the main gate, which is specified for visitors.


Visitors are not allowed to enter expect from the main gate. It is forbidden to roam the corridors, squares and classrooms except after obtaining prior permission, providing a visitor’s card, recording visitor’s data in the visitors’ log and specifying their destination. Visits are usually by appointment, and visitors are accompanied by a specialized employee to take them to the reception room. Visitor are not allowed to talk to their children in the classrooms or corridors. Staff must immediately report any stranger walking around the school irregularly.


In cases of permission during official working hours, an official letters from parents. Verified by communicating with the students’ guardian, in addition to recording the students’ data of the person who came to take them, in a record designed for that, is required.


The school has an electronic system distributed throughout the school, to detect smoke in the event of any fire. In addition, emergency lights and fire extinguishers are distributed in all facilities and corridors.

Certifications and inspection

Students’ safety and health come in the first place. The school is committed to all slandered Stipulated by the Ministry of Health and Civil Defense in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It follows all regulations, procedures and regular inspection visit by both the civil defense team and the school health team to implement their instructions.

monitoring system

  • Automated Entry and Exit System: the school applies the automatic exit card system, when students exit at the end of the official school hours from the main gates, in order to facilitate and audit the exit process or prior approval of the guardian. A group of teachers and observers also supervises the completion of the process of leaving at the end of the school hours ensuring that there is no problem or delay for any student and that all students leave in the appropriate manner and time.
  • The school is subject to a system of continuous monitoring and observation by the supervisors, teachers and officials, especially during the internal and external playgrounds, in addition to following-up of the students. Who are giving permission to leave the classroom to visit the doctor, enter the bathroom or review the administration, and providing them with a special card for this. It is also ensured that the students return to class within the specified time. As for the kindergarten stage, the child is escorted by the responsible assistant upon permission to go out to any of the school facilities and is never left alone.
  • In the event of any accident or necessity that calls for immediate action inside the classroom or the space, the teacher informs the supervisor immediately to take the necessary action.
  • There are two supervisors in each corridor, so that each one of them is responsible for a group of classrooms which interested in controlling the classroom and corridors, monitoring the entry and exit times of students and teachers too, and from classroom during class switches, in addition to absence, delay and permission, and controlling the movement of collective queues during recess and prayer time.


In the event of any accident, the supervisor is informed, and the administration, in turn, will take the student to the school’s doctor to give first aid and inform the guardian of the student.


Sick students are sent to the doctor for observation and examination to provide the necessary treatment. The school will contact the guardian in necessary cases.

Indications (medicines & first aid)

  • Medicines are kept in special cabinets far from moisture and heat, or in refrigerator in the doctor’s office (out of students reach).
  • There is a first aid pharmacy installed in each activity room (laboratories).
  • The doctor is directly and solely responsible for dispensing medicines.

training in evacuation plan & safety equipment’s

  • Students are periodically trained to act in cases of fire or necessity to evacuate the building. This is done according to pre-defined plan distributed in all corridors and facilities.
  • Some employees are trained to deal with devices and equipment in the event of any alarm, fire or evacuation.
  • Conducting periodic meetings for all the school members to inform them of the mechanism of action to implement the evacuation plan successfully and at the required time and to discuss with them if the emergency plan needs amendment.
  • Conducting field exercises to evacuate the school for students of all stages in order to train them practically.
  • Distributing of evacuation plans in corridors, classrooms and facilities.
  • Distributing and updating emergency exit guides on a continuous basis.
  • The administrative body is not allowed to leave the school until ensuring that the building and facilities are completely empty of all students and teachers.
  • Activate the automated messaging system in cases of necessity.
  • Continuous training of students on evacuation instructions and methods.
  • Ensuring the readiness of fire extinguishing devices, alarm to ensure their adequacy and validity (fire extinguishers- water hoses – sand – Blankets – alarm devices – sensors – emergency phone numbers – emergency exit guides).