The Rights Of The Student

  • Obtain the scientific martial and knowledge related to courses in a comprehensive learning environment that enhances achievements.
  • Ask teachers and discuss them comprehensively.
  • Attend classes, complete scientific and practical hours, without cancellation of any, except in case of necessity.
  • The test questions are within the course and its content. Students can know their results and request a review of their answers, in the final test in accordance with the rules and regulations in place.
  • Obtain the social and health care provided by the school as well as practicing in the activities held within the school in accordance with the system.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of the file within the school and have integrity in dealing with it.
  • Understand the nature and characteristics of the age that the students are going through and deal with it according to their requirements and needs.
  • Help the students to develop their self-esteem as well as abilities and talents to think creatively and critically.

The Duties Of The Student

  • Follow school regulations, instructions, decisions issued and implementing them. Avoid any actions that violate Islamic and public morals.
  • Regularly study and fulfill all academic requirements of the courses.
  • The students are obligated to maintain general cleanliness and adhere to the school uniform.
  • Adhere to the rules and arrangements related to preparing research, reports or tests.
  • Preserve school property, materials and books, and return borrowed stuff on time.
  • Being quite. Don’t disturb or gather within school facilities except the designated places.
  • Treat all school staff and its guests with due respect.
  • Do not consume food or drinks in classrooms, laboratories or libraries. 

Define Behavior And Discipline

  • Behavior: verbal or symbolic words and actions that the students demonstrate during interaction with the school staff and systems in different situations.
  • Perseverance, the students’ commitment to attend school according to the official dates specified.
  • The rules governing the behavior of students have been approved in accordance with organizational and procedural manual for the primary, intermediate and secondary schools, and are followed accordingly.

Note: For more, review the Code of Conduct and Attendance on the Ministry of Education website.

Our School Constantly Strive to Provide the Most Important Features of an Educational Environment that Encourages Discipline

  • The school administration performs its leadership role in directing its employees and supervising their work.
  • Implement the educational process, various programs and activities to achieve discipline among students.
  • Find effective methods to control students’ behavior.
  • Encourage students adherence to positive behavior and positive initiations.

Program To Enhance The Student's Behavior And Attendance

  • Introducing the conditions of excellence in behavior and perseverance.
  • Honoring outstanding students in behavior and attendance on the school level.
  • Providing appreciation cards to parents and symbolic gifts.
  • Honoring the students in social networking sites.
  • Monitoring the degree of behavior in the school report.