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We are delighted that you are considering a position with Al-Ibdaa school, Where you’ll find the opportunities for personal development. We strive to give you the best work experience and environment to achieve our desired goal together.


  • Teachers have the rights to the development of high quality learning experiences.
  • We invest in employee development by providing training courses to help keep teachers up to date to the latest methods in the field of education which will improve the outcomes for learners.
  • Help teachers to be innovative and engaged with research and studies in various fields; scientific and educational research.
  • Sponsor teachers, help develop their talents, and also hep document their achievements.
  • Teachers mastery of the subject is important. Teachers will only teach their specialty.
  • Address difficult teachers and teachers’ problems in the most educational and effective ways.
  • Teachers have the right to work in surroundings that are sanitary, healthful, and conductive to teaching and learning.

Teachers Values and Ethical Rights

  • Teachers have the right to be treated with respect and to feel appreciated. 
  • Our school provides an incentive system to show how valued our teachers are and to also keep teachers motivated. 
  • Teachers have the right to be protected from harm. 
  • Teachers have the right to be a part of the educational program and have the responsibility to do so in a professional manner. 

Wages and Salary Policy

  • Wages and salary are classified by position based on experience.
  • We provide an annual increase based on employee’s performance.
  • Job security which results in a more relaxed atmosphere and better employee engagement and the improvement of efficiency and productivity level.
  • We provide health insurance and other services to facilitate work such as school uniforms, transportation, and nursery.

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