Homework & Duties

Duties and tasks are assigned in the weekly plan for the primary school. Duties and tasks for grades 7-12 are monitored by the teachers.
Submitting homework and tasks is essential and important. We aim to build confident, happy, and responsible learners and also to provide supportive relationship between home and school.

Assignments and Projects

Assignments and projects are an essential part of the learning process. They help develop and improve students skills. Assignments grades are monitored and evaluated in the quarterly report. Students are asked to submit a project, a presentation, or a research and will be evaluated accordingly.

Our Creativity is the Source of Knowledge, the Field of Knowledge & the Factory of Generation.

Regular Exams

  • Primary stage (1-2): They will have continuous assessment system. They will be evaluated all over the semester.
  • Primary stage (3-6): Two basic quarterly exams.
  • Intermediate stage: Two basic quarterly exams.
  • Secondary stage: Three basic quarterly exams.

Note: Students will be evaluated each quarter according to a schedule prepared by the school.

Final Exams

  • Students from grade (3-12): will have a final exam for each semester except for continuous assessment subjects.

Note: Passing score at the end of each semester is 50 marks out of 100 for all stages, includes 60 marks for level work/year work and 40 marks for end of level/end of semester exam.